July Favorites

How is already August?!?! IT WAS JUST MAY, I SWEAR. This summer has been…crazy. But, here are some of my absolute FAVORITES that I have been obsessing over lately! There’s only a handful because I only wanted to mention the very best that I’ve been using non-stop this past month.


1. Hello Lashes mascara by It Cosmetics – this. is. a. mascara. game. changer. I’ve been SO stuck on Perversion by Urban Decay (which is still amazing), but I honestly think I’m loving this one even more. It doesn’t feel wet at all, like I can blink my eyes instantly after I apply it and it’s not going to get all over my face. The volume and length it gives is amaaazing and it DOES NOT CLUMP. Picture Better Than Sex mascara, without the clumpiness…that’s Hello Lashes. Hands down winner.

2. Gilded Honey Baked Gelato Highlighter by Laura Geller – HIGHLIGHT ON FLEEK. For real, I’m obsessed with the golden glow this highlighter gives!! I’m super pale so I was a bit worried the color would look off, but it’s beyond perfect (it’s definitely better on tan skin, but I’ll go with it). The amount of glow it gives your skin is perfection. P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.

3. R&B Hair Moisturizer by LUSH Cosmetics – going back to a oldie but a GOODIE. This completely takes the frizz away to make your hair look SO smooth and wonderful, and the SMELL IS AMAZING. I cannot get over how much I love the smell of this stuff, I will put a tiny bit in my hair just so I smell like it, honestly. But, it does wonderful things for your hair, too. 😉

4. Sandstone by LUSH Cosmetics – another old favorite that I’ve come back to. It is perfect for exfoliating your legs before you shave for super, soft, smooth legs. It’s a little rough, but it gets the dead skin off and it’s just wonderful, trust me.

5. Hair Inhibiting Gel in Pomegranate by Whish – THIS STUFF. My legs have seriously NEVER been softer!! Especially when used in combination with the above. This is a must for me, especially in the summer months. Plus, the smell is beyond wonderful, and it’s ALL NATURAL. Check it out at ULTA, seriously.

6. Alter Ego Lipgloss in Flower Child by Lorac – The prettiest coral lipgloss I’ve ever used that doesn’t feel sticky AT ALL. Hands down my new favorite gloss formula and this color is SO pretty with an emerald smokey eye. I’m obsessed.

Random favorites:

Favorite songs this month:

  • Mine – Phoebe Ryan
  • Hurricane – Halsey
  • Build it Better – Aron Wright
  • I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else – Great Big World
  • Gang of Rhythm – Walk Off the Earth
  • Cheerleader – Omi (ha, it’s just such a feel good song!)
  • We Won’t – Phoebe Ryan ft. James Young
  • You Don’t Own Me – Grace ft. G-Eazy

Favorite TV Show: Mistresses (pretty sure Karen Kim and I are the same person).

Favorite food: AVOCADOS. HOW DID I LIVE BEFORE YOU?! I’m addicted. Avo on a bagel or toast. YAAAAS.

I know this post is more than a few days late, but I still wanted to share my favorites! What are yours?!


Summer Ulta Wishlist

I’m BAAACK! I HAVE WIFI. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. (I’ve really missed it, okay?).

So, I know I’m super behind and haven’t posted in what feels like forever, so I thought I’d jump right in and share some of my FAVORITES at ULTA that I’m dying to have as my own!


First off, I’ll start off with two AMAZING coral blushes that are so beyond perfect for Summer. The CC+ Radiance Blush in Coral Ombre from It Cosmetics and I Will Always Love You blush from Too Faced. 👌👌👌👌 These are going to be flattering on SO many skin types!! Coral is such a warm, summer color that adds a beautiful flush to fair skin and brings out a tan on those who get more sun (seriously, coral compliments a tan so well! Not that I know from personal experience, but doing makeup on others, I’m come to learn that). The CC+ Radiance Blush basically gives you 4 blushes in 1! It has a light, medium, and dark shade which you can use separately or blend together for a whole different shade! I’m beyond obsessed with the formula, color, and how beautiful it looks on the cheeks. If you like coral blushes, you need this. The Too Faced Blush is just as amazing and THE PACKAGING. Too Faced seriously hits the nail on the head with their packaging… It’s the cutest and so feminine! This blush is SO soft and velvety that it almost feels like a cream, even though it’s a powder. The color reminds me a lot of their Peach Beach Sweetheart Blush. It’s seriously beyond perfect for summer and it looks so warm and almost bronzy on the cheeks (especially on fair skin). The other colors are amazing as well, if you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend them!

Next, there are some foundations I have convinced myself I need in my life (even though I’m not even halfway through with my Mac Mineralize foundation yet). The new Too Faced Born This Way foundation is one of the most INCREDIBLE formulas I have EVER come across. There’s seriously nothing like this, that I’ve tried. If you like full coverage, flawless skin, a radiant glow, and a natural look… this was made for you. I am beyond amazed at how PERFECT it makes the skin look! It really is a full coverage, you do not see your skin through it, BUT it doesn’t look heavy or cakey in the SLIGHTEST. It’s like it MELTS into the skin or something, it’s incredible. Blown away to say the least. The only problem I do have with this foundation, are the color options. They are VERY yellow. If you’re cool toned, or super fair like me… you might run into a problem with these, which is so depressing because they should have more options so EVERY person can experience the wonderfulness of this foundation. If you have yellow undertones though, you go for it! But, I wouldn’t recommend just buying this online, I would definitely go into a store and have a makeup artist match you up with a color because it’s make or break. You’ll hate it if it’s not right, when it really is SO SPOT ON. An older Too Faced product, which is just as great, is their Beauty Balm. It’s lightweight, but still gives you a decent coverage. Your skin definitely still shows through as it’s just more of a tint of color, but if you don’t like full coverage foundation, or just lighter makeup, this is for you. I usually get pretty oily in my T-zone this time of year, and BB creams usually only add to that as they’re incredibly moisturizing. This BB Cream is COMPLETELY different. I don’t get NEARLY as oily with this one! It’s not that it’s drying at all, I really don’t know what it is about it, but I notice it a lot less, so if you have oilier skin this might be your dream BB cream!

Two more (random) products I really want that I showed above are the Stroke of Light Face and Eye Brightener by Bare Minerals and the NEW Lorac Pro Eyeliner in Violet (and every other color, lets be real). I use the Stroke of Light pen right underneath my eyes to help brighten them up which helps to make them appear more awake and larger even. It really only is visible when the light catches it, but when it does it is dreamy. I’m ALL about glowing, radiant skin and this gives me exactly that. You can use it on your cheekbones or anywhere else you want to highlight but I’m loving it for under the eyes! Speaking of eyes, the new Lorac eyeliners are insanely great quality! I thought the Stila eyeliners had incredible staying power, but not even those compare to the Lorac ones! I swatched a bunch on my hand and they stayed on ALL day, even when I tried to take them off with a makeup wipe before bed, they barely came off. I woke up with faint marks on my hand still. Now, some people may not like this (I’m not a fan of rubbing my eyes over and over to try to get makeup off) BUT for events like weddings, pool/beach days, long days, ect… these will be beyond perfect. Plus, the color selection is AWESOME!! The pigmentation is amazing and they come in matte, shimmer, and glitter shades so lots of options! The violet one is the perfect purple that has the MOST BEAUTIFUL SHEEN and slight shimmer to it!! It is so so so beautiful!

One product I can’t believe I forget to add to picture above is the Lorac Pro Metals Palette. Talk about creamy, pigmented, beautiful sheen eyeshadows! They’re still powder but go on so velvety smooth and the pigmentation is seriously out of this world. The colors are all soooo beautiful and I own NOTHING like it (so I clearly need it, right?).

Once again, I know I’ve been the worst at blogging lately, and I don’t want to make any promises for how often I’ll be posting, but now that I have wifi it’ll definitely be a lot easier. You guys are the best for continuing to follow ❤



I know for the past week or so I’ve been kind of MIA and severely lacking on posts, comments, you name it. I just wanted to let all you INCREDIBLE followers know that I’ve recently moved into my VERY OWN apartment (wooo!) and currently do not have wifi (booo). Hopefully I will have it sooner than later so I can get back on track (as well as binge watch season 3 of OITNB!!!). Hope you guys are having an amazing summer so far!!! 😘


Product Empties!

After over a year of blogging, I finally have an empties post! Granted, these are not my only empties in a year, but the ones that I have saved in order to make a post!


The thing I go through the most is by far makeup removing/cleansing wipes. I like trying new ones, so I rarely repurchase the same ones, but I think my favorites are still these Equate Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. YOU GET 40 OF THEM for only $3.48! Most packs of makeup removing wipes are 25 sheets for over $5. Plus, these Equate towelettes are larger in size so I usually rip them in half and the pack snaps close so it doesn’t dry out! I rarely go to Walmart, but when I do next I will definitely pick up more of these!!

Other makeup removing wipes I used up this past month are the Ology (Walgreen’s brand) hypoallergenic Gently Soothing Facial Towelettes. They didn’t do anything for me. I appreciate how the pack snaps close so they don’t dry out… but these wipes were not wet enough and did not remove makeup well AT ALL. I felt like I had to use at least 2 wipes in order to get all my makeup off and it just wasn’t worth it. I love how they’re gentle and more natural than a lot of face wipes, but they just didn’t work unfortunately.

Another makeup removing product that is not shown above (because I threw it away in Denver), are the Almay Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads. They definitely took off my makeup, after using 2+ pads, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to me when I could just use half of a makeup wipe instead. I doubt I’ll ever repurchase them as much as I like to try new products and if I ever go back to the same ones, it’ll be the Equate wipes.

I finished off my Cosmetic Lad facial moisturizer by LUSH and repurchased as soon as it was gone! I am in LOVE with this moisturizer!! It’s great for dry skin, but isn’t too heavy or greasy. I know I’ve raved about this many times, but it just makes my skin so soft, glowy, hydrated, and it’s natural and wonderful and I could go on for days about how much I love this product! I wish I could repurchase Gorgeous moisturizer by LUSH as it was my favorite for the summer months, but I definitely don’t have $90 to drop on a skin care product right now 😦 Guess I’ll get to see how Cosmetic Lad compares in the summer!

I also finished off my travel size Smashbox Color Correcting Primer. This little size lasted me SIX MONTHS. WHAT. It’s only $15 for the small size compared to $40 something for the full size (granted that’s still probably a better deal for the money, but for how long it lasts, I’m totally okay with the travel size!). Instead of repurchasing the Color Correcting Primer, I decided to try the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer instead. I’m not sure how I feel about it compared to the one I finished off yet, but I will let you know!

Another product I completely used up were the Absolute Nail Polish Remover pads in Peach. I got these in a Pop Sugar box forever ago and LOVED THEM. I never want to use regular, horrible smelling nail polish remover again! These smelled great, took off my nail polish effectively, and I felt like the conditioned my nails as well. If I could find them in stores I’d absolutely repurchase them, but I actually found a bunch of nail polish remover pads similar to this on clearance at Walgreens for 50 cents a piece so I got a whole bunch of them! Definitely recommend these polish removing pads over liquid nail polish remover any day!

Last but not least, I finished off a Secret clear gel 48hr odor protection deodorant in Paris Rose. I am so glad this stuff is in my life. I’ve talked about how I’m a pretty sweaty person, ha, and this stuff helps so much and keeps me smelling way better! I love the scent and how it’s a clear gel that doesn’t mark up your shirts or is visible on your armpits when you’re going sleeveless. I tried a different scent in Bora Bora… no. It has to be Paris Rose, nothing is better! Already repurchased a back up!

I also wanted to mention a contact solution I finished off this past month, Bausch + Lomb’s BioTrue. I’ve used it for so long and was about to repurchase it in CO when I was with my sister who stopped me to tell me how much she hated it and how blurry it made her contacts and felt like it built up gunk on them basically… after complaining about how blurry/dirty my contacts get, I finally made the connection and switched to a different one and haven’t complained since! So glad she was there to stop me!

So, my question to you guys, how often do you guys do empties and what do you find you go through the fastest/most?!


May Favorites


I feel like I had so many favorites for this month, but these definitely had to be included in my very top to share with you guys! One of my favorites, was my trip to Colorado with my mom to visit my sister. We had SO much fun and I got to see and experience so many great things! I also dropped WAY too much at LUSH, MAC, and ULTA… which resulted in quite a few favorites.

1. Mac Mineralize Foundation (NC15): I mentioned this in my makeup routine post, but I got this when I went to MAC and asked for the most luminous, dewy foundation they have… and boy, did they give me that. I am OBSESSED beyond words with how glowy, hydrated, and flawless this makes my skin look. It is a lighter coverage, so if you like more or have oily skin, this definitely isn’t for you…but for those with normal/dry skin or those who yearn for healthy, dewy looking skin…this is it! I am beyond amazed with this foundation and how LITTLE it takes!

2. Ocean Salt: This has been in a favorites post before, but is back for good reason! I have been IN LOVE with Ocean Salt for quite some time now, but lately it has been SAVING me. I usually use it to exfoliate my face (which it does a wonderful job at) but it has been helping SO much with –warning gross– back acne. I know, I LOATHE it… Ever since I got off birth control my body freaked and I got hormonal breakouts everywhere back there, and Ocean Salt has almost COMPLETELY taken it away! I just rub it all over my back, let it sit for a minute or two, and rinse off. I cannot believe how much it helps and I’m so thankful to have this in my life especially with summer (bathing suits) coming up! If you experience a similar problem, or have acne anywhere else, give this a try for sure!

3. Mac Fix +: I finally jumped on the bandwagon of Mac Fix +, and I’m so glad I did. I spray my foundation brush with this before I dip in my foundation to help sheer out the coverage slightly and make it appear even more dewy/hydrated. It makes it EXTREMELY dewy at first, but I kind of love it. I love how my skin gets such a beautiful, healthy glow from both this and my foundation. I will also spray it on an eyeshadow brush to intensify an eye color or all over my face to help set everything in a place and help powders/liquids mix a little better. I definitely see myself repurchasing and repurchasing this ❤

4. NYX Contour Palette: I finally redeemed my Ultamate reward points for this, and therefore only had to pay $0.74 for it! YASS! One of my past coworker’s sister-in-law, MakeupbyTiffanyD, RAVED about this on her youtube channel, saying it was one of the best contour palettes for fair skin…exactly what I need! I have been obsessed with it lately and how well the colors blend and the consistency of them, but mostly how the light colors really do show up on my skin and lighten the highlight areas (unlike the Anastasia one). I plan on doing a whole review sometime on this palette, so stay tuned for that!

5. Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette: I was BEYOND EXCITED that I was able to get my hands on this baby before it was gone forever. I am a HUGE Jaclyn Hill fan (she is my inspiration) so I knew I needed this palette in my life. I am obsessed with the color selection, the consistency of the eyeshadows, and how pigmented/beautiful they are for how inexpensive they were! I definitely want to do a tutorial using this palette!

6. NYX Wonder Stick (Light): This has become an everyday/makeup staple for me. It is the perfect shade for my super fair skin and I’m obsessed with how the light side of it is ACTUALLY LIGHT ENOUGH (so many concealers/highlights aren’t light enough for me or just match my skin tone…it’s sad). This makes contouring SO easy. I got it after I showed a girl who came in to ULTA how to use it, she was very fair and it looked amazing on her, so I knew I had to get it as well. I’m so glad I did! They have quite a few different shades (plus a universal one), so I definitely recommend this to ANYONE. I hope to do a review/tutorial on this as well, because it is AMAZING.

7. Kalamazoo Beard & Facial Wash: THIS STUFF YOU GUYS, THIS STUFF. I knew when it came out (last summerish?)  that I wanted it in my life, but just this past month, I finally went to a LUSH store again (it was like seeing an ex-lover, the smell was heartbreaking and nostalgic, but I made it through ha), and picked this up (along with way too many other things). I know it’s a beard wash and geared towards men… but so is Cosmetic Lad and I use that moisturizer as well. My LUSH coworker once told me, “if that can make a guy’s rough face soft, imagine what it can do to yours”. AND HE’S SO RIGHT. Not only does this face wash have amazing ingredients, but the product feels AMAZING on my skin. It’s like the consistency and feel of butter, very similar, but 100% better than Ultrabland. It’s filled with citrus and enzymes so it’s not overly greasy, just super softening, brightening, balancing, and hydrating in all the right places… this is amazing for those who have dryer skin but still get oily in the T zone or around the nose like me! The only thing I’m not a fan of is the scent, it’s not terrible by any means, but with how amazing other LUSH products smell, I’m sure they could work on it 😉

8. Clean Fragrance in Rain: Besides basically drowning myself in Hippie Princess by Vera Wang at work, I have been consistently using this fragrance this month. I am in love with the Clean fragrance line… it’s really unique and just makes you smell so…CLEAN. I previously used to use the warm cotton scent like no other, but the rain has been my absolute go-to lately. It definitely doesn’t smell too close to actual Petrichor, but when I smell it, I’m still reminded of rain… or at least something very fresh. If you like more subtle, fresh scents, you definitely have to give the Clean line a try!!

Besides beauty/skin care favorites, there is SO much music I have been in love with lately! I mentioned in a favorites before how I make a mix CD every month (because apparently it’s still the early 2000’s ….) and this month I made 3. Here are some of my favorite songs if you’re interested 😉

  • I’m on Fire – AWOLNATION
  • Electric Love – BORNS
  • The Woods – Hollow Coves
  • I Found – Amber Run (this song has been so important to me this month)
  • Someone New – Hozier
  • Rap God – Eminem
  • Whatever You Like – Anya Marina (anyone who likes indie remixes of rap songs, check this out for sure)
  • XO – Beyonce (how did I not know this song existed until now?!?!)
  • Where Are You Now – Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Diplo (seriously, don’t judge. Give this a chance, thanks to Jaclyn Hill for getting me obsessed)
  • Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran
  • You Are – Kathyrn Ostenberg (</3)
  • Don’t It – Billy Currington (totally random for me, but this finger ain’t go no ring on it! 😉 )

More random favorites, turning 22, exploring, sisterly love, and early mornings. I got to go to Colorado earlier this month to visit my sister and it was so much fun! I loved seeing and experiencing new things there! The mountains were beyond gorgeous! Also, I’ve been waking up way earlier than normal to go explore places around the area I live with my friend before we work. I never knew these beautiful places even existed and I’m so glad I found them. Little gems of lakes, rivers, and beautiful places to go and relax. I’m so excited for summer when the water is warm enough to swim in!

COcentralwiMay is always such a busy month for me! What did you love about your month of May?! 🙂


How To Get Super Soft Legs

Because Summer is approaching (or for those of you in warmer states, has already approached) and it’s time to wear shorts and skirts again or maybe you just have someone in your life who might be touchin’ up on your legs…or both!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.09.43 PM

There are 3 products I love to use to help me achieve super soft, smooth legs. (besides the obvious, a razor).

  1. Sandstone Soap by LUSH Cosmetics
  2. Skintimate Shaving Gel
  3. Dream Cream by LUSH Cosmetics

First I’ll use sandstone in the shower to exfoliate my legs (or skin in general). It’s pretty rough, so be careful if you’re not sure how your skin will react and especially if you have super sensitive skin, (you’re better off sticking to a sugar scrub which is way more gentle). Sandstone was actually inspired by Brazilian babes who would rub their bodies with sand and lime oil on the beach to smooth and tone their skin, and that’s exactly what this soap does! It’s my absolute favorite thing to exfoliate my legs with!

Once all the nasty, dead skin is off, I smooth Skintimate shave gel all over my legs (any shave gel/cream would honestly probably work, but I just love the way this one smells and feels). Next step: shave. I hate shaving, it’s so tedious and I feel like I ALWAYS miss hair around my kneecaps. The worst. But, at least when I’m done, my legs feel incredibly soft! Does anyone else love that feeling of slipping your freshly shaved legs in a freshly made, clean bed? Just me?

For the third step, and you could use any lotion for this, but I love using Dream Cream by LUSH Cosmetics after I get out of the shower. It helps to reduce razor burn, naturally, by calming the skin with chamomile, oat milk, and lavender! Plus ingredients like olive oil and cocoa butter soften the skin amazingly well while not being too heavy, seriously, perfection.

I will probably be doing this all summer long as I plan to explore the area I live in more, swim lots, and be outside as much as I can be when I’m not working! Any fun summer plans you have?!


Mini ULTA Wishlist

miniultawishI finally feel like it’s time for me to down size a bit, especially since I’ll be moving into my new apartment in TWO WEEKS EXACTLY, and I need to save up for new furniture/decor/rent/ect. instead of spending all my money on makeup…. even though I’d love to, ha.

As hard as I’m trying not to buy things each and every time I step into ULTA, there are these 3 things I’d LOVE to have, especially the perfume (which I think is the one thing I’ll allow myself…). There’s so much more I’d love to add to my collection, but I don’t need it and I should really go on a “no-buy”, even though that’s probably going to be impossible for me. Anyway, on to the 3 things:

  1. Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen – this stuff is SO cool! It turns your lips a darker pink color, and it’s slightly different on everyone! All my coworkers and I are obsessed with stuff — and for good reason! The color it turns your lips is like, your natural lip color but 100x better plus it feels SO moisturizing…it’s almost like a balm stain. It stays so long too, I am in love and this would become a go-to, everyday lipstick if I had it!
  2. A Little Sun by Bare Minerals – this is a bronzer in the form of loose powder, and it’s SO beautiful!! The sheen is beyond amazing and it goes perfectly with the ideal luminous, dewy look that I strive for. Plus, bronzers are perfect for this time of year and I know I’d use it non-stop! Seriously, if you’re at ULTA, swatch this! Definitely not for contouring, but perfect for adding that beautiful, sun kissed glow and warmth.
  3. Hippie Princess perfume by Vera Wang – THIS STUFF. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. I will get this, I have to get this… I am so in love and feel like this was made for me in fragrance heaven. It smells like grapefruit and red mango at first. Citrusy, summery, and fresh… if sunshine had a scent, this would be it! Then, after awhile, it leaves a warm, vanilla scent on your skin. It’s magic, and it will be mine.

Again, I know this was such a short post and I’m doing TERRIBLE at staying on schedule, I’ll give you the low down. I’m not trying to ask for sympathy or make excuses in any way, but my fiancé and I just parted ways. I won’t get into the details, but I feel like it was best for both of us and our separate lives. Also, as I mentioned above, I’m moving into a new apartment! JUST FOR ME. I’m so stoked, I’ve never had a place entirely for myself. 🙂 I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things life is waiting to bring me and the freedom that’s going to come along with it. I hope if any of you are going through a hard time, that you look on the bright side of things, even if it’s hard to see. So much more is waiting for every one out there. ❤

((Also, if you haven’t heard the song Electric Love by BORNS, I highly suggest you listen to it 🙂 ))

My Makeup “Routine”


I have an excessive amount of beauty products, but these are the ones that I use every day or almost everyday as part of my face/makeup routine. It’s not really routine though, as I like to play around and switch things up, this is just how it’s been lately:


I start off (after my skincare routine) with Smashbox’s Pore Minimizing Primer and smooth that over my face. With this, you don’t want to rub it in, but spread it across your face (like butter 😉 ) This will help keep a smooth surface for makeup to be applied over the top of.

Next, I spray my brush (that’s almost identical to Sigma F80) with MAC Fix + (to help sheer out the coverage) and dip it into one pump of Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Foundation (in NC15) that I put on the back of my hand before applying to my face. I recently got this foundation while I was in Denver for my birthday, and IT IS EVERYTHING. I asked for the most dewy, luminous foundation they had and I got EXACTLY what I asked for. It gives me my ultimate desired look and I am hands down in love and can’t imagine going back.

After that’s on my face, I take Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (in Light Warm) and put just a tiny bit around my eyes to help prime them for eyeshadow and conceal dark circles. This blends like a dream and gives great coverage with such a small amount. I didn’t like it at first because I used too much, don’t make that mistake!

To set everything in place, I will take MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade and set my foundation/concealer with it for an even more luminous finish and to help my makeup last longer throughout the day since mineral foundations can tend to break down faster, especially with a dewy/sheer coverage.

For my eyebrows I’ll begin to fill in and shape them with my holy grail Anastasia Brow Wiz (in Dark Brown) and then go over it with a maroon & dark brown eyeshadow/powder from TheBalm’s Nude ‘Tude Palette. Weird combo, but it works for me. After that, I’ll go over with the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara (in Black) to keep all the little brow hairs in place. I haven’t been doing this as much lately as I feel like I need a slightly lighter color, but this product is definitely worth mentioning still.

All of the above are everrrryday steps that I take while doing my makeup, and now is when it gets switched up depending on what products I’m loving at the moment or sometimes, if I’m lazy, just what product is closest to me, ha.

I will usually take Ulta’s Baked Bronzer to dust all over my cheeks for a warmer look and then go in with either Urban Decay’s Flushed Palette in Native or Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to more precisely contour using the Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed Brush. Then I usually take either MAC’s Petal Power Blush (which is INSANELY gorgeous) or TheBalm’s Frat Boy Blush to add a flush to my cheeks with a large stippling brush so I don’t over do it 😉 .

Of course since I’m obsessed with a dewy, luminous, glowy look I have to highlight my cheekbones so I will either use E.L.F’s Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearl (which is INCREDIBLE for only $3 btw), or I will just use the highlight shade in the Urban Decay Flushed Palette for it. I’m trying SO hard to resist buying Colourpop highlighters…girl needs to pay rent first. After I’m finished with the powder face products, I’ll spray my entire face with MAC Fix + to set everything in place, blend the powder and liquids together, and add to the dewy look.

For the eyes, it really could be anything. Lately, it’s usually between Bare Mineral loose eyeshadows, my Naked 1 or 3 Palette, and of course my newly beloved Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette! I have been using La La by Colourpop non stop as an all over lid color as well though — In love. For mascara I always use Subversion Lash Primer with Perversion on top. It makes my lashes super long and I love how soft & build-able it is! I’ve been playing around with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliner in Voodoo, but besides that I haven’t been big on eyeliner lately so that’s about it for the eyes.

As far as lips go, which is always the last thing I do, I have been OBSESSING over Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme Gloss. It tastes like watermelon candy and turns my lips a beautiful, natural color that is slightly darker than normal because of blood flow. I’ve been getting asked all the time what lipstick I’m wearing, when in reality it’s just a clear gloss! Plus, it really does make my lips look slightly bigger, so I’m a fan.

I hope this post wasn’t too boring, like I’ve said, I have been going through a ton these past two weeks and I’m trying to get back on schedule, let me know if there are any posts you’d like to see so I have some ideas! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far! xoxo


April 2015 Favorites!

I’M BAAAACK. Thank you all, seriously, for sticking with me as I haven’t posted in almost a week. I appreciate each and every one of you SO much. <33 I swear I already have favorites for May (someone went to MAC for their birthday…. 😉 ) but I will share with you my favorites for the past month of April!


1. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Kelp Out – I really wanted sort of a pick-me-up color so when I saw this color on sale that I have wanted since the moment it came out, I had to get it and it’s finally mine! It’s such a different color and is so bright and fun! Perfect for Spring 🙂

2. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara – I already did a review, here, if you want to check it out, but I’ll quick mention it again. It’s SO nice to have when I have extremely limited time to do my brows, because they’re naturally so much lighter than my hair color. I think this color is a little off since my hair is now red, but I still swear by this product!

3. Tide Pods + Febreeze – this is super random, I know, but THESE THINGS. I was sent these by Influenster (for testing purposes) and I absolutely LOVE them. They make my clothes smell SO good, regular laundry detergent got nothing on these.

4. Butter London Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Ladybird – I also did a review on this, here. I’m obsessed with the red-orange color and how long it lasts! So impressed, Butter London.

5. It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation – I never, ever, thought I could wear powder foundation…until I discovered this gem. It’s made with silk powder instead of talc, therefore it’s SO much smoother and doesn’t break down during the day. Talc doesn’t sit as well on the skin and can be noticeable whilst this It powder is incredible and natural looking and feeling. They have an absolutely beautiful illumination foundation that I’d love to have, but I still love the natural finish this one has. I highly, highly, highly recommend if powder foundations are your thing!

6. Too Faced Sweetheart blush in Peach Beach – During the 21 Days of Beauty sale at ULTA, this was only $15! I haaaad to get it, and I’m so glad I did! It has a beautiful, non-glittery sheen to it and is a perfect spring/summer peach color. I love a good sheen on the cheeks, instead of a flat/matte blush, and this one has definitely been the one I’ve been reaching for all month!

7. Bare Minerals Loose Eye Shadow in Vanilla Sugar- I also did a review of this eyeshadow, here! I love all the eyeshadows that came in this kit, Bare Minerals Thank You You’re So Sweet, but there’s something about this eyeshadow that just draws me to it. IT GLOWS. Okay, maybe not literally, but it’s a peach color until it hits the light and then it’s the most beautiful highlight color of life. Thankfully, this is one of the shades you can buy separately! YOU NEED IT. (kinda 😉 )

I know this was a shorter favs post, but I have so much to do after getting back from Vacay, I’ll try my best to get back on schedule ASAP. ❤


Denver, CO. 

Hey all you beautiful people 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I’m on vacation with my sister and mom and therefore won’t be able to post for the next few days or so. I might do a post about our trip if I have time but otherwise expect an April Favs and more reviews/tutorials coming up! 

Love you guys! 

Xoxo Marika